How to choose upholstery fabric for furniture? – Part 2 

Colors, Shapes, Patterns, and textures….

Consider color as it pertains to the furniture function. Choose a color for your upholstery fabric strategically. If you want your furniture to stay for a long time, use solid hues or patterns with a small repeat that almost looks solid. Compliment by adding more color with accent chairs and accessories, changing the look of the furniture or otherwise boring sofa. While choosing the fabric for your furniture, remember to consider the furniture piece’s shape itself because, as important is the type of fabric so is the shape of the furniture it will be upholstered on. Take the shape into consideration when choosing a fabric. When it comes to curvaceous piece, patterns and textures with distinctive direction may not upholster well so sticking to solid colored fabric, or adding pleating, tufting, quilting, creating different patterns with stitching could be smart move or maybe chop-up the patterns and textures trickily to ornate the shape and the size of the furniture in accounts too. Make sure the colors, textures and patterns work well together.

Many people stay away from bold patterns for the upholstery fabric and prefer to use throw cushions as accessories which amp up the entire look, However, current trends include bold patterns for most decorating styles as they include ethnic, geometric and nomad patterns, if you fall in love with the certain pattern, make sure that the shape of your upholstery piece does not conflict with it. For example, a sofa with straight lines will look better if you choose a pattern with straight or geometric angles. A rounded shaped piece will look great with floral patterns or all over motifs. Use patterns with large scale for a more modern, updated look.

There is no limit in the variety of different textures available today. Just remember that your upholstery will be consistently compressed and do not use overly dimensional texture as it will be altered with time. And if you’re not limited to the fabrics in the store and open to experiment, consider unconventional materials such as vintage blankets, rugs like kilim, especially paired up with traditional or accent piece of furniture.

The easiest way to be sure of the upholstery fabric is to select amongst the varied choices available. You can book a video call with our experts to help you decide the correct upholstery fabric for your furniture with our exclusive and exciting range of fabrics.

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