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How do sustainability and creativity go hand-in-hand

Sustainability and creativity are intertwined in our approach. Wellness and sustainability will continue to dominate workspace furniture trends in 2023. These products prioritize human health and aim to minimize off-gassing, carbon emissions, and waste. Workplaces increasingly seek furniture manufacturers that ethically source materials and employ eco-friendly practices, thus reducing their carbon footprint.

Furniture designs that promote holistic well-being foster a productive, engaging, and energizing environment for employees, showcasing both aesthetic and sophisticated qualities. Our utilization of neglected wood pieces from the construction as design elements in our solid wood tables not only adds a unique touch but also aligns with our ecological principles.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our sourcing practices, where we derive 65% of our raw teak wood from highly sustainable imported sources. The remaining 35% of Indian oak wood is obtained through government-sanctioned channels, which actively promote ecological conservation by replanting trees to compensate for those uprooted. Additionally, at our factory in Pithampur, we repurpose discarded wood pieces to create boards, minimizing wastage and finding beauty in sustainable sources.

Continuous research and development are integral to our work, enabling us to transform our creative visions into reality. At Alankaram, we stay updated with furniture trends and research contributions, allowing us to explore sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing material options. This research also aids us in reviving artisan techniques and craftsmanship, facilitating the customization of indigenous, minimalistic designs with meticulous joinery details. By primarily working with Indian Teak and White Oak wood and subjecting our furniture to rigorous quality checks and treatments, we ensure their suitability for indoor and outdoor use.

Various trends can be incorporated into home decor through furniture and soft furnishings like rugs and wall hangings. The fusion of ethnic and contemporary styles is a timeless trend that offers versatility and longevity. By integrating sustainable and eco-friendly elements, such as solid wood furniture with rattan cane back, one can create a cheerful ambience that positively impacts the well-being of homeowners.

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