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“Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed.”

- Natalie Morales


About us

Alankaram is India’s leading home-grown furniture design studio that amalgamates indigenous design with contemporary sensibilities. In less than a decade, we have become the go-to brand for those who embrace exclusive quality, informed furniture designs.

Alankaram, in Sanskrit, means ‘the art of decoration or ornamentation’. The studio customises indigenous, minimalistic designs with precise joinery details, combining the strength of solid wood with a modern range of upholstery. Incorporating traditional design elements into our products by authenticating provincial roots with global design influences, Alankaram aims to redefine luxury for modern lifestyles.

Every element incorporated in the products has an intention and a purpose; making the furniture strong, durable and honest to materiality. We predominantly work with Indian Teak and White Oak wood. Every piece of furniture undergoes rigorous quality checks and treatment, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Journey

Having garnered extensive experience in the practice of architecture and interior design, urban designer and architect Anupriya Sahu recognised the lack of skilled artisans in the industry and took it upon herself to design and deliver furniture that has indigenous roots but offers exceptional comfort and a luxurious experience.

Sahu, along with her husband and marketing professional Dhwanit Parmar, founded Alankaram in 2015. The studio was conceptualised as an interior design practice in 2013, but eventually shifted its focus to manufacturing. It is a combination of Anupriya’s design ingenuity and Dhwanit’s business acumen that made the studio what it is today. Bringing together the diverse nuances of varied cultures, team Alankaram strives to craft a blend of culture, sensibility, technology and fine craftsmanship, thus giving birth to products that have won global acclaim and recognition. The brand has been widely featured in well known magazines and publications, including Architecture + Design, Elle Decor, Architect and Interiors India, Architectural Digest, India Today Home, Cosmopolitan, The Decor Journal, IANS, Livingetc, Business Standard and Good Homes.

The duo has been the brains-and-soul behind some of the most beautiful decor setups curated for offices and homes of many celebrities and politicians. The brand has catered to affluent corporate giants such as Microsoft, JPMC, and Google to high-end residence owners like Ranbir Kapoor. Moreover, Alankaram’s clientele is actively involved in personalising furniture, and thus, every crafted piece has its own story to tell.


Our Product Strength

Wooden furniture is often associated with rustic and traditional usage. However, the products designed at Alankaram stand out with their contemporary, minimalist designs and finesse of joineries. Alankaram makes furniture in Indian wood and imported wood. The use of treated and seasoned wood is ensured for the longevity of the furniture. Besides strength, wooden joinery also guarantees fine aesthetics to the products.

We offer expertise in handmade solid wood furniture design that has a touch of ‘Indian-ness’. Our collections are rooted in Indian culture yet give off the contemporary furniture vibe. The range of furniture at Alankaram includes residential and commercial, indoor and outdoor, wooden and metal, standalone and fixed, ready to order and bespoke, and is as tiny as a tea coaster to as large as a 24 seater dining table!


The Design Philosophy

Alankaram’s design philosophy is based on the triad of Aesthetics, Utility and Strength. Every furniture piece that we craft is ensured to be visually pleasing, utilitarian and strong. The products created at Alankaram are considered an offering to the world. Thus, our creations aim to connect with the people. We believe in producing furniture that has indigenous roots but speaks a universal language. Therefore, the Alankaram products radiate a local essence with contemporary finesse. 


Our Values

“Good furniture is an amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality”

-Anupriya Sahu

Alankarm weaves a common thread that ties us together in shared philosophy and intent. At our core, the Alankaram team is


Focus on the outcomes rather than the activities


We challenge each other to think creatively and out of the box to reach the solutions


Both of each other and the clients


Timelines, customizations, or materials. We believe in keeping our customers informed well in advance and stick to what we commit


We do not wait to be asked, we believe in thinking ahead and go the extra mile when required


Crafted with Sustainability at the heart

At Alankaram, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it is woven into the very fabric of our existence. Our commitment to environmental harmony is evident in every aspect of our operations.

50% of our energy is sourced from solar panels reducing our carbon footprint along the way

Nurturing greenery with a 30ft pond fostering over 5,000 plants through rainwater harvesting, ensuring a lush ecosystem flourishes within our premises.

Our in-house canteen is a hub where food waste is transformed into nourishing organic manure, minimizing our impact on the environment.

We prioritize ethical wood sourcing, promoting harmony, honesty, and transparency in every step of our journey toward sustainability.

Why Alankaram?

Aesthetics & Ergonomics

Alankaram is headed by an architect with masters from a prestigious institute, with a goal of blending design with functionality. This reflects in the aesthetics and ergonomics of our furniture.

Unique Designs

Alankaranm owns 600+ designs and 3000+ SKUs based on those designs. Besides that, we have one of India's largest collections of wooden furniture, with an 800-page product catalogue.

Trusted by top Architects & Designers

Many architects and interior designers have chosen Alankaram for furniture requirements for their projects as well as personal use at home or office.

Made in India by an SME

By ordering furniture from us you are supporting an Indian small size enterprise. It is a boost for initiatives like ‘Make in India’ & ‘Vocal for Local’.

Largest Manufacturing Infrastructure

We are one of the largest solid wood furniture units in India having 2,00,000 sq. ft of workspace, 10+ state-of-the-art CNC machines & 200+ skilled designers and artisans.

Quality Raw Material

We employ the Indian CP teak wood in our products which is one of the most premium woods available in India. Additionally, we use the best adhesion and joinery aids.

Fastest Growing Manufacturer

In less than 7 years, we have developed India’s largest portfolio of wooden furniture with 3000+ SKUs and 170,000 social media followers.

Positive Feedbacks

We have garnered positive feedback from our customers. This can be verified from the Testimonials on our website and several social media handles.

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