How to choose upholstery fabric for furniture? – Part 1 

What is upholstery anyway?

 It is the materials which include fabric, padding, webbing and springs that make up the soft coverings of chairs, sofas and other furniture.

What we use inside our upholstery?

With hardwood frame structure, we provide high quality of webbing and paddings consisting of various density of foams with high durability and comfort to your furniture.

What are the considerations for choosing the fabrics?

The upholstery fabrics for furniture is a big investment, follow few steps while choosing fabrics –

Primarily what we suggest is, since your house is the reflection of your personality, your first pick for upholstery should be the colors, prints, patterns of your choice. Furthermore, what is the purpose of the furniture as the functionality of the furniture helps you choose the upholstery fabrics better. Understand what should be taken into consideration in terms of durability, comfort, type and style.

As you choose for a fabric first, consider how you live and who will use the piece which will help you on the type of material to choose. Ask whether the fabric is for light, medium or heavy use. Only you know your home habits and those that live with you. If you have kids, pets and your lifestyle is very active go with medium or heavy use fabric. You may love the look of that silk velvet, but it will quickly get destroyed in a house with kids and pets. Pick which is suitable as per the usage of the furniture. Pieces in high traffic areas such as living or family rooms will need durable fabrics (check with double rub/Martindale), while furniture in areas like bedroom, formal living room, guest room which doesn’t get as much wear and tear, can sport any type of textile. Use of zips, removable cover wherever possible in the upholstery helps in maintenance as well change of look as well. Whereas areas like dining rooms, the dining chairs can be upholstered in leather or faux leather to avoid easy stains.

As much as look of the fabric is important so is the so is the feel of it. Fabrics being the uppermost layer of the furniture, the feel of the texture contributes to the softness, comfort and ease.

Durability of the fabrics

Fabric durability and sustainability are measured in double rubs. Double-rub count refers to the durability of a type of fabric. The testing method uses a special machine that passes a testing pad back and forth over the fabric until it worn out. Each back-and-forth pass is known as double rub. Commercial grade fabrics are usually rated between 1000,000 to 250,000 double rubs whereas, residentials is usually between 10,000 to 25,000 double rubs. If the fabric is between 8,000 to 10,000 double rubs, it is designed for light use and will not sustain everyday wear and tear.

Medium use upholstery fabric is between 10,000 to 15,000 double rubs If you are looking for high durability, your best bet is heavy use fabric that is over 15,000 double rubs. Polyesters, combination upholstery fabrics and some commercial blends are included in the category. Chenille is a popular combination fabric that has great hand a look. A blend of fibres, such as rayon, polyester and cotton add durability of the fabric. Fabrics shouldn’t be exposed directly to the sunlight as it will fade away the color easily. Outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella are meticulously crafted for heavy use upholstery with 15,000 and above double rubs with typical lifespan of up to 10 years.

Protection of fabrics

You can make your life easier by choosing fabric protector regardless of your fabric being kid/pet friendly or not, as this nano technology of protecting upholstery increases the durability of the fabric. Nano fabrics are engineered with small particles which can make the fabric resistant to extreme water, weather conditions, and for bacterial, odour and moisture resistance. After dying the nanoparticles remain and coat every single fibre of the yarn leaving it breathable and active even after washing. Nano coated fabrics are skin friendly, food safe and does not change the appearance or feel. This invisible protection is suitable for all fabric and withstands multiple washes. The anti-static property of nano-based helps repel statically attractive substances such as lint, dog hair, dust and dirt.

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