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Tips on how to select the Ideal Bed Design

The bedroom is one of the most significant and atmospheric places in the house, and typically, homeowners put a great deal of thought and effort into curating this space. The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom and often acts as an anchor to base other furniture around. This puts the bed in a significantly crucial position when it comes to furniture types. Furniture designers introduce different variants of bed designs every day. With so many modern furniture design options to select from, it is likely for one to get overwhelmed when picking the appropriate bedroom furniture. Here is a guide on choosing the ideal bed design:

Trends in Bed Design

The most common type of wooden bed design is a platform bed, which comes in various designs to suit most interior design styles. One can even experiment with different headboard styles, fabrics, and customisable colour options available in wooden finishes. Platform beds sit very low, off the floor, and in case you need more space under your bed, you might have to buy risers. They are boxy and work regardless of a box spring. One can opt at putting them in a big or small room depending on what size is chosen.

Trends in Bed Design in India

The Indian market looks for utility in design, which is why bed boxes are so popular. With passing trends, classic wooden furniture stays true to every Indian’s heart. Poster beds have been a piece of lifestyle furniture that never left the Indian market. They offer utmost privacy given the curtains that envelop them. The poster beds are known for the air of drama and luxury they induce in the room. Apart from the stunning wooden furniture design, they provide plenty of storage opportunities in large boxy bases.

Tips on Ideal Bed Design

An ideal wooden bed design should suit and adjust to the size, shape and specific needs of the sleeper. For example, if a user has back troubles when lying down, the recommended bed type is an adjustable bed. It works with a spring action to enable optimal angles for sleeping. Moreover, beds and mattresses should complement each other to meet the design and comfort requirements.

Small rooms are cosy and enticing. Box rooms are very small rooms that are often used as storage space. They can also be turned into bedrooms using the right bed and furnishings. One way of enabling this is by supersizing the headboards.

Dos & Don’ts when planning bedroom furniture

1. Identify the right placement for your bed:

Generally, beds are positioned with their headboards against the main wall. Homeowners should note that this may not be the ideal solution in every case. The placement of beds should align with the layout of the bedroom and the adjoining walls.

2. Measure before you go to the market:

Choosing a standard sized bed can mess up the decor setting. Therefore, it is preferable to measure the space and get a relevant size accordingly

3. Selecting the suitable linen for your bed:

People end up buying linen for beds without considering the appropriate material and its effects in different seasons. Instead, fabrics must be chosen with regard to the ongoing season. For example, natural and breathable cotton fabrics will be the most comforting choice this summer.

4. Avoid fixed bedroom sets:

Homeowners prefer selecting wooden bed design sets for their bedrooms, limiting them from experimenting. To avoid this, one should choose furniture that is flexible, multifunctional and suitable for all seasons. A metal frame bed is also a good option because of the neat and nimble appearance and customisation options.

5. Plan appropriate light around your bed:

Since the bedroom is a space for comfort and relaxation, task lighting on your bed must be avoided. The lighting fixtures should be placed so that the bed receives indirect light instead of harsh spotlights.

6. Say no to ‘too much’ furniture:

Using dark, heavy and bulky furniture can take away the comfort of your bedroom space. Therefore, using light coloured, compact and manageable furniture should set the perfect vibe for your bedroom.

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