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The Ultimate guide to Work from Home Furniture 

Ever since the Pandemic in 2020, a vast majority of the working class has been operating from the confines of their homes. Upon shifting from the offices to their domestic spaces, people found themselves in an entirely different environment for work. This sudden shift has changed the whole lifestyle of working-class folk. Domestic spaces like the living room and bedroom are now identified as official spaces until the evening when they return to their original state. With the uncertainty bound with the pandemic, some of the giant companies have gone to the extent of allowing the employees to work from home for the rest of their time. Therefore, this massive shift called for a rethinking of domestic furniture. It was the introduction of work-from-home furniture.

What to look for in Work from Home Furniture?

Office furniture is designed so that the employees stay comfortable and productive. This is not the case with home furniture, which is only aimed at comfort. This created the need for home office furniture that can recreate the ambience and productivity of the office. So before arranging home office furniture setup, one should keep a few things in mind. Buying the right work from home furniture is more nuanced than merely checking its price and design. So, there are some simple tips on choosing the right furniture to create a cohesive and comfortable home office space.

Is there a difference between Office Furniture and Home Furniture?

First off, office furniture is very different from home furniture. And if one is going to put Office furnishings in a domestic environment, then the logistics take a U-turn. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the difference in spaces and correctly gauge the scale. Taking accurate on-site floor plan measurements is a fool-proof way of checking if your desired furniture will find a home in your space. Moreover, taking dimensions of the doorway clearance will help you analyze if a ready-made piece of office furniture will even be able to go through it! Try aligning your work-from-home furniture with your office furniture.

What are Home Office Furniture essentials?

One important prerequisite is to know your essentials first. The most used office furniture item must be placed in your space first. This will necessarily include a comfortable chair and a table. Once the essentials are known, it is important to consider the Ergonomics of your furniture. Ergonomics is all about designing the products and systems to suit the users. People travel to their workplaces, and also move around in their offices. But it is not the case with working from home. Therefore, it is vital to have sound and ergonomic furniture that suits the long working hours at home. The back should be in the proper position when seated in the chair. Additionally, the height of the table should also be in accordance with the chair.

One can also have multifunctional furniture like the ‘Lovit’ Study table by Alankaram, which has two drawers fitted with soft close channels. The furniture must be technologically advanced with added features like Bluetooth speakers, wireless mobile chargers and power sockets to be truly conducive to a home office.

The pandemic has made us do things that has never happened before and one of the biggest changes was being at home for months, which forced us to do everything from our home even our work, making us more open to e-commerce and to offer more choices. The consumers have got a hang of social media like never before that apparently made every one of us to work even more and leading us grow even more with productivity, frugally and skillfully.

Since everyone is spending time at home which asks for certain kinds of individuality and personal space even in the furniture they use, asking to create the need for home office furniture to maintain the ambience and productivity of office, so we at Alankaram are trying to bridge that gap by offering flexibility with customization in our existing designs as per the requirements so that the customer doesn’t have to compromise with their personal taste of comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Afterall our tagline itself says ‘A reason to be at home’.

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