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How to bring Scandinavian decor into your home?

Scandinavian decor is one of the most popular interior styles for contemporary homes. It embraces minimalistic designs and one-dimensional elements. This interior style traces its origins to the mid-20th century in the northern countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. While it makes the most of natural light, white, beige, and other pastel hues of the colour wheel are archetypal to this decor. Let’s delve into some ways of bringing this clean-lined, practical and inviting decor into your home:

Fuss-free designs and a minimalist design narrative inform Scandinavian interiors. You must try and ensure that whatever furniture you pick is clean-lined and crisp. For instance, Alankaram’s Torota side table has a sleek silhouette. This approach also includes keeping surfaces clutter-free and reducing unnecessary accessories. For instance, if three cushions work on the couch, don’t add a fourth one. Rather, celebrate materiality with a fluffy duvet, a warming rug, and comfy pillows for a Scandinavian feel.

Opt for natural materials

The Scandinavian design celebrates organic and natural materials such as wood, wool, leather, etc. For example, one can adorn the aesthetic with wooden flooring, ceiling, and accents. At Alankaram, all our products are made from natural materials, including solid wood for furniture.

Integrate Hygge

Hygge is an integral element of Scandinavian design. It entails the feeling of cosiness and comfortable conviviality. This decorating wheel includes inviting snuggly pieces, such as our Mysig – Sofa with distinct round, smooth edges, comfortable seats and cosy cushions. The warmth of the teak adds another layer of Hygge to the design.

Balance hues

It’s essential to keep the aesthetics light and bright with a muted colour palette of white, cream and beige. You can opt for the same in the rugs, textiles, pillows or furniture pieces. Even though the Scandinavian interior approach permeates muted hues and pastels, black and grey are also used in the colour palette. Elevate things with playful patterns and cheerful shades for vibrancy and contrast while keeping the ambience serene.

These are some guaranteed methods for adopting the Scandinavian interior design style in your home, which can help produce a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing ambience.

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