Why is curvilinear or curved furniture so popular?

Curvilinear furniture has recently emerged as a captivating trend that has grabbed the attention of interior designers and homeowners alike. This rising popularity can be attributed to its ability to infuse spaces with a sense of fluidity and organic elegance. The soft, sinuous lines of curvilinear furniture depart from rigid geometric shapes, creating a more inviting and dynamic environment. Additionally, this trend introduces a touch of nostalgia by harkening back to the mid-century modern aesthetic while maintaining a contemporary appeal.

Post the pandemic, holistic well-being has become very important. Curved furniture designs imbue lots of character and personality into the interiors. At Alankaram, we focus on sustainability and integrating our native roots into various facets of the design while paying attention to functionality. Many of our pieces have curved and rounded shapes to optimise the sense of relaxation. Our chair designs, such as the Eski and Vakra, have curved backs; the Vakra is wholly made of teak, while the Eski is partially teak.

Here are some other benefits of the curved furniture:

  • One can use curvilinear furniture as focal points in a room to create visual interest and draw attention. A curvaceous sofa or an accent chair with organic lines can instantly become a captivating centrepiece.
  • Curved furniture can help soften the overall ambience of a room and promote better flow. Rounded coffee tables or curved shelving units break up the linear nature of a space and create a more harmonious and inviting atmosphere.
  • Pair curvilinear furniture with angular or straight-lined pieces to create a balanced composition. The contrast between the soft curves and the sharper edges can add visual intrigue and create a well-rounded design.
  • Opt for bold curvilinear furniture to make a statement. Choose unique pieces with exaggerated curves, intricate detailing, or vibrant colours that reflect your style and become conversation starters in your home.
  • Utilise curvilinear furniture in the nooks and corners of a room to optimise space. Curved benches, chaise lounges, or reading chairs can fit seamlessly into small or awkward areas, providing functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Furniture with rounded or bevelled edges to minimise risks of injury, which further adds to its popularity.

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