Ergonomic Furniture for Optimal Body Posture

The ongoing global pandemic has made us spend most of our time indoors. This sudden shift has encouraged all working professionals to improve their home office settings. Homeowners are transforming their domestic spaces to make them conducive to long working hours. The furniture in such spaces must be well-designed and be suitable for optimal body posture. Thus, it is essential to have the know-how of Ergonomic Furniture and plan accordingly.

What is Ergonomic Furniture?

Ergonomic furniture is designed to support the functionality and comfort of the human body. Items that we use daily, such as office/dining chairs, study tables and sofas, must allow for good posture, less exertion and enable better heights and reaches. Further, Modern furniture design is adapting to the needs of the work-from-home culture, which is bringing different variants of ergonomic furniture to the forefront.

Characteristics of Ergonomic Furniture

An ideal ergonomic design has the ability to support the human body while allowing one to be mobile and change a variety of adjustments. A flexible and adaptive environment helps carry out tasks without any discomfort, and hence, users are investing in multipurpose, lightweight, and easily customizable home office furniture. Reconfiguring settings, heights, and depths are essential features to consider before purchasing an item. It is worth noting that the best ergonomic solutions are often directly related to productivity levels.

For example, a good armchair or lounge chair design can be ergonomic and multi-functional if it provides working conveniences of sitting upright during the day and transforms into a recliner by the evening. As a classic example of multi-functional ergonomic furniture, it can also be used as a dining chair or conference room chair as it is comfortable and durable for long hours.

Alankaram’s Syva lounge chair is designed with a deep seat and a high back. Such features are combined with a comfortable foam base to create ideal ergonomics. Similarly, the Obao lounge chair is a piece from Alankaram that offers an ergonomic design along with style.

Elements to Consider when picking Home Office Furniture:

When considering the ergonomics of seating, one must maintain a seat depth of two to four inches from the back of the knees. Additionally, elements such as the chair’s foam base and tufted finish are considered pull factors for the customers. As far as the upholstery is concerned, users mostly opt for breathable natural fabrics that are adaptable to changing weather conditions.

Like any other furniture, ergonomic products are not just about comfort. They play a significant role in interior design wherein they can make or break a space; therefore, they should be aesthetically pleasing apart from being utilitarian. In addition, the products must be easy to repair. Finally, the maintenance must not be overlooked as good furniture needs periodical polishing, occasional reupholstery and hardware replacement to restore its original charm.

Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

Offices have made it mandatory for employees to get up and move more. To improve mobility, one could walk a few steps to get water, access the printer, or even change their posture for a brief while. According to research by Loughborough University, the sit-stand desk is an example of an ergonomic design that is meant to boost productivity. It helps reduce stress on the spine, neck and hips as the body is positioned upright.

Ergonomic furniture can help prevent the development of cervical spondylosis with appropriate support on the neck and shoulders. Moreover, a backrest to assist the spine’s natural curve enables a healthy posture, supporting a healthy mind. Hence, ergonomic furniture design should be a necessity instead of a choice. The consciousness toward ergonomic furniture has increasingly gained importance and has encouraged homeowners to sit up and take control of the balance in personal and professional life.

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