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5 Types Of Chairs You Should Know About

Chairs are an integral part of any decor, and they aren’t just meant for seating but also serve a larger social and aesthetic purpose. For example, some chairs serve as conversation starters while others are at the crux of living room interiors. Then there are functional pieces such as ergonomic chairs designed for workspaces. Thus, modern chairs have evolved across the centuries based on design, comfort, and social status. Here’s a look at some of the most popular ones:

Indicative of the name, these chairs feature arms to rest the forearms and elbows. One can add cushions or go for contrasting upholstery. In addition, they may have enveloping backs, which are also referred to as wingbacks.

Our Dubu Lounge Chair and Ucho Lounge Chair are inspired by the pioneering designer Hans J. Wegner’s ‘Bear Chair’, which has cushy, paw-like armrests to rest the hands. They integrate the comfort of the bear chair and are reminiscent of the masterpieces but in modern avatars. The ear-shaped wooden arms of the Ucho exude an almost therapeutic vibe.

Also called armless chairs, these designs feature no arms, and you can slip right into them. The highlight of these chairs is the fuss-free, streamlined design that suits both modern and traditional interiors.

Chairs have become more flexible and lighter such as bar chairs that suit casual occasions or kitchen island dining. However, they remain characterful with hints of ethnicity with a modern profile.

Designed mainly for workspaces or remote working, the Swivel chair is characterised by a set of wheels for mobility. They usually come with adjustable height options and maybe with or without arms.

These chairs are designed for comfort and lounging and thus make a good fit for living areas, balconies, etc. Lounge chairs may or may not feature legs. This one is the Puoli red chair with spindle and ethnic upholstery.

At Alankaram, we synthesise craftsmanship, aesthetics, utility, and strength to design chairs that uniquely celebrate minimalistic designs that use regional art. In addition, we add Indian karigari, or craftsmanship, to all of these pieces, ensuring that functionality and aesthetics remain at the forefront.

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