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Which Wood is Best for Furniture?

Furniture is often the anchor and starting point for any home decor idea. It has the ability to set the tonality of a space and make its interiors look cohesive. Today, there are innumerable options of advanced materials for furniture design. One particular material has stood the test of time and come out as the primary medium to craft durable furniture, which is wood. As a result, there has been a constant evolution in the styles and technology of the design of wooden furniture.

Since wood is procured from different trees, there is a wide variety of wood available for producing furniture. Hence, it is important to know which type of wood makes for the best quality wooden furniture. Generally, two types of wood are employed in the production of furniture: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is obtained from flowering trees, and softwood is sourced from conifers. Under these two broad categories, let’s have a look at the different types of wood for furniture design.

Types of Wood and Uses

Teak Wood

Teak wood is one of the most commonly available and strongest woods in India. Its durability and resistance to fire and harsh weather make it the prefered choice for modern furniture design. In addition, the wood’s aesthetic appeal, high tensile strength, and resistance to rot, decay and extreme weather conditions make it a popular choice for furniture, utilities and gifts at Alankaram.

This fine quality wood is widely used in many products, including the Syva lounge chair, the Holvi storage unit, the Kiota centre table and the Dritto Bed.

Oak Wood

Oak wood is a hardwood that occurs in different shades ranging from white to copper. It is an expansive variant because of its high durability, heaviness and resistance to warping and fungal growth. A significant trait is its lighter tones, which makes it the preferred choice when designing a space or furniture in a minimal or modern Scandinavian style.

Alankaram has a wide variety of furniture handcrafted from imported Oak. Some examples include the Boye centre table, the Pouffe ottoman trio, Ikkita Armchair, and the Fusi dining table.

Rose Wood

Rose wood (also known as Sheesham in India) is a close-grained hardwood. It has a high bending strength and produces stable furniture, making it highly desired in wooden furniture designs. Its applications include cabinets, dining sets and designing decorative pieces.

Satin Wood

Satinwood is a durable and sturdy wood type with a high gloss finish that seldom requires maintenance. If you are looking for lifestyle furniture with a vintage vibe, then Satinwood is your best choice. It is primarily used in chests and wooden cabinets with drawers.

White Cedar Wood

White Cedarwood (also known as Marandi in India) is a termite and decay resistant softwood. It has a soft and uniform texture that gives the furniture an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The wood has a natural insect-repelling fragrance, making it functional and manageable. Moreover, having an ingrained oil makes it weather-proof and naturally resistant to fungal growth and bacteria.

White Cedarwood is generally used in producing indoor furniture such as wooden chests, drawers and trunks. However, given its fantastic weather-resistant properties, we have devised a ready to install pergola in red cedar wood; with better stability.

With this know-how on which wood is best for furniture, one can make informed decisions to craft the spaces they love!

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