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Interested In Our Lounge Chairs?

Have you noticed our range of wooden lounge chair options? Take a dive into the varieties that we display, and you will find the suitable one not just for your home but also for your office or even for outdoor arrangements.

When you have a look at our products, you will be amazed to see the diversity and the range that we offer. Different people have different tastes, and we offer lounge chairs of various types based on your requirement and choice.

We specialize in wooden lounge chairs, and each of them is unique in terms of style and type. While the base material of these lounge chairs is wood, the cover is made up of different types, such as cushioned upholstery, leather, and others. If you are interested in getting wooden lounge chairs that are durable and also are highly stylish in looks, then you will definitely get something or the other here.

Lounge Chairs Price List

Often just buying the chairs based on designs and styles is not possible; rather, you also need to check whether it is suitable for your pocket also or not. Thus, it is always a good idea to check out the lounge chair price list to choose the one that is perfect not just for your requirement but also does not burn a hole in your pocket.

When you are shopping at Alankaram, you can select the price range that is suitable for you. Once you have done so, you will start seeing lounge chairs of various types but within the price range that you have selected. Thus, the site offers products for almost everyone.

Shop For Designer Lounge Chairs Online At The Best Prices On Alankaram

No doubt, one of the best ways is to buy lounge chairs online. You can choose from a wide range of designer and luxury lounge chairs at the best prices on Alankaram. The site offers you the option to select a price range that suits your budget so that you can find options that you can easily afford.

If you have been craving designer products to offer a luxurious touch to your interiors, Alankaram is the perfect site for it. You can come across some exclusive lounge chairs, too, such as those that are hand-painted. Also, you will get other options, such as those with stains or the ones with a matt finish. You will also be able to select a colour in which you want the lounge chair to complement the look of your room’s interior.

Choose From The Different Lounge Chairs Available To Complement Your Home Decor

When you are quite specific about the type of furniture and accessories that you wish to get for your home decor, one of the luxury options that you have in hand is the modern lounge chairs for the living room. Arrange these chairs along with your heavy sofa to get a warm and welcoming look for your guests.

Alankaram offers a wide range of lounge chairs based on diverse types and styles. You can choose the lounge chairs according to the colour that you want, the product finish, and even the price range in which you are comfortable.

Lounge Chairs for every corner of your house

The best thing about a modern lounge chair is that you can install it in any corner of the house. You can arrange them in the living area to welcome your guests, in your garden, or even you can install a reading lounge chair in your bedroom. These chairs are available in different styles and types so that you can get the right one for any location of your house.

For example, you can get wide-shaped lounge chairs for your living area, matching the sofa set and the coffee table. Again, the leather lounge chairs are a great option for office receptions.

Different types of lounge chairs available at Alankaram

Whether you are looking for an office lounge chair or something for your home, Alankaram is loaded with various options. You will come across traditional and modern designs and variety in terms of materials and colours so that you get one exactly as per your taste. Even when you are looking for wooden chairs, you can choose from diverse types of wood, such as teakwood, walnut wood, oakwood, and others.

Concerned about the look of the chairs? You do not have to worry as you will come across several shapes, colours, and fabrics of the chairs. Also, you can get chairs with fixed cushions and also chairs that have removable cushions.

Moreover, options are endless when you browse through the Alankaram lounge chairs. The best way is to make use of the filters available on the page so that you can narrow down your search based on your preferences and choices.

What Things Should be Considered Before Buying A Lounge Chair

Buying any random lounge chair for leisure may not offer you the result that you were looking forward to. Hence, you should consider a few essential things before buying a lounge chair.

What is your purpose?

The very first thing that you need to take care of is the purpose for which you are buying the room lounge chair. Is it for your house or your office use? Again, do you wish to install it in your living room for your guests or get it in your bedroom for a comfortable reading reason? Also, you can get them to boost the style quotient of your home or office interior. Decide carefully before making your decision.

Weather conditions

Even if the idea is to get the lounge chair for indoor use, it is essential to check the weather conditions in which you reside. If you stay at a location with moist weather, then you should avoid options such as leather-covered chairs as the leather material can get damaged very soon in such weather conditions.

Material of chair

If you wish to get a comfortable lounge chair, you also need to check out the material it is made up of. The wooden-legged chairs are the ones that are the most comfortable and reliable options to go for. You can choose from different options of wood, such as teakwood, oakwood, and others. You can also choose from the upholstery types such as cushions, leather, and others. Apart from the wooden base of the chairs, there are also various types of materials in terms of the fabric used in the chairs, such as leather and fabric.


Space is an important factor to check when you desire to get a large lounge chair. Such chairs eat up a good amount of space. Hence, you need to be sure which size is going to be suitable for your space. You need to also think about the number of lounge chairs that you wish to install according to the available space. Usually, when the idea is to get such a chair for the bedroom, ideally, one chair or a maximum of two chairs is enough. On the other hand, you can install many of them in your living room or your garden if space permits.

The Shape of the chair

When you are checking out options such as a fancy lounge chair, you will come across several options now, such as square, rectangular, and round. Get the right one according to the space you have and also the interiors that you have.

Types of Lounge Chairs And How To Pick The Right One

The lounge chair is a complete category under which you can get a wide range of options. You should be aware of the types so that you can know which one to pick.

Reasons to Invest in Lounge Chairs

Why do you wish to get a lounge chair? Do you wish to get a relaxing lounge chair for your personal use, or do you wish to decorate your office reception? You need to be sure before you start your search. Lounge chairs can be expensive, so you should be pretty sure about why exactly you wish them in your home or office.

Types of Lounge Chairs

There are several options for lounge chairs, such as traditional chairs, club chairs, chaise loungers, poolside loungers, wing chairs, and others. You have to select the right one based on their look, such as you can get a multi-seater traditional lounge chair for your living room. Similarly, a wing chair is a great option for reading in your bedroom or in your library.

What Are The Benefits of a Lounge Chair

When there are so many furniture options available, why do people crave a single lounge chair? Here are some of the benefits of getting such a chair.

Ups the fashion quotient of a room

It is quite apparent that such luxurious options of seating enhance the styling of the room's interior. All you need to do is to select the right chair and need to install it in the right place in the room. There are so many times when installing the right lounge chairs in a simple interior also boosts the overall look of the room.

Sturdy and long-lasting

If you are getting the best lounge chair, it is likely going to last long. There are chairs that last for years and years. Usually, these chairs are also low in maintenance, and still, they keep on offering you comfort for a pretty long time. You just need to make sure to keep them clean with simple cleaning techniques, and you do not have to change the chairs for a long time.


Lounge chairs are quite versatile in terms of styles and designs. Thus, you can choose one based on your purpose, space, and also budget in which you are comfortable. You can choose stylish and trendy lounge chairs for your living room to flaunt your sense of style. At the same time, you can go for super comfortable chairs for your bedroom to get the right comfort that you need when you are not lying on the bed. If you are choosing the right option, these lounge chairs also fit contrasting locations such as the garden or the poolside.

Great functionality and comfort

When you are checking out Alankaram, you will come across some of the most comfortable lounge chair options. Whether you wish to relax and watch TV in your living room or you wish to indulge in book reading in your library, lounge chairs are designed to offer you the comfort you deserve.

Not specific to age

Designed for all age groups, lounge chairs often become a favourite of every family member, whether it is a kid, an elderly person, or the adults of the family.

Balanced appearance

If you do not wish to get something too chic or, again, something that is too heavy, you can always go for the single-seat lounge chair in place of other options, such as a heavy sofa set. One of the benefits of having it is that it very well brings balance to the appearance of the room’s interior.

Sophisticated look and feel

At last, the loungers not just make you taste luxury but also adds a touch of sophistication to the interiors of your house or office. This is the reason why while other people go for chairs and sofas, people who love sophistication and luxury prefer to choose lounge chairs for their interiors.

When the ask is for comfort and sophistication is more, then you need to rely upon luxury options such as lounge chairs for your home as well as for your office. Now, of course, you can decide upon the amount of comfort and luxury that you wish to have, and based on that, you can choose the right lounge chairs on a comfortable budget at Alankaram.

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