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If you are interested in installing a daybed in the living room, we have got a range of options displayed on your site. We also have a range of other options, such as bedroom daybeds and others, to choose from. Select the right one based on the design and size that you wish to have for your space.

We can assure you that you will not get disappointed having a look at the vast options displayed on our site. If you crave variety, Alankaram is the perfect platform that presents you with a wide range of options and choices.

Swing and Chaise Price List

Installing a Swing or chaise furniture helps in enhancing the look of your living room or the area where you have installed the furniture. These luxury furniture items come up in various designs and price ranges. The price differs based on a number of factors such as the materials used, the size, and the design of the swing. Select your desired price range on Alankaram to get a price list of items within your budget.

Buy Your Next Chaise and Daybeds Online At Best Price From Alankaram

At Alankaram, you will not just get daybed furniture but also chaises of various styles and types so that you can get the right one based on your requirement. Whether you are looking for a small bedroom chaise or a larger one, Alankaram brings you a wide range of options so that you definitely get something that suits exactly what you dreamt of.

Experts at Alankaram understand the different purposes of having a chaise in your home. Thus, you will definitely get one that suits your choice and requirement. Not only does Alankaram offer you a chaise that fulfils your purpose, but it also makes sure to bring up the best furniture that is made up of a durable material base. The brand also brings chaise options for almost everyone and so you will get options in different price ranges to choose from.

Get Into The Swing Of Things With Alankaram's Collection Of Swings

Create amazing memories or spend soothing evenings on a luxury swing from Alankaram. Whether you are looking forward to getting a swing for the room or for your outdoor area, Alankaram brings you a fantastic collection of various types and styles so that you can get one that is perfectly suitable for your home.

Huge traditional Indian homes with verandas had a huge swing that used to be the attraction of the area. Today, many people try to create a replica of such traditional homes and introduce such swings in their huge living rooms. If you do not have a big space in your living room, you can still get a single-seater swing to place in one corner of the interior.

If you need more space in the living room, you can look for space in some other location in the house. Luckily, Alanakram has a collection where you will find swings for different locations, such as the living room, the patio, the bedroom, or even your balcony area.

Find The Best Chaise and Daybeds Design & Material Online On Alankaram

Modern homes deserve to have modern chaise options, and Alankaram is the best place to offer you some incredible options. You can look for daybeds that are made up of different types of wood, such as oakwood, teakwood, and solid wood. Also, you will come across daybeds of various designs, such as with a backrest or without a backrest. Similarly, you will get daybeds that have backrests on two sides to give a classy look to the furniture as well as to the area where you have installed the daybed.

Why Buy Your Chaise and Daybeds From Alankaram?

When you have finally decided to buy a chaise for your home, one of the best places is Alankaram. You will get a wide range of varieties and get the option to use filters to narrow your search. You can choose among various colours, product finishes, and product use to get the right piece. Also, you can select your price range to get a piece according to your budget.

Most commonly, you will come across the traditional daybed options that have a strong wooden base and cushioned upholstery. Some of them have backrests on one of two sides to offer you a comfortable seating session too. Similarly, you will also come across a daybed that has armrests at two opposite ends, making the chaise look extremely lavish.

Worried whether the chaise is going to look good in your home interior or not? You will find various coloured upholstery with different prints and patterns so that you can get exactly the one that can match up with the other upholstery or the interior of your room.

Things To Consider When Buying A Swing

Swings add a sense of beauty and luxury to your home interiors. But this attractiveness can be maintained only when you buy a swing for a room based on some of the essential factors. Going through these factors is essential so that you can get a comfortable piece that makes the interior of your home look stunning.


The very first factor that you need to think of is the size of the swing. You will get swings of all sizes, so you can get the right one based on the available space that you have got. For example, if you are getting it for your bedroom, you can go for the smaller option because the space already has other furniture, such as the bed. Similarly, if you have a huge living room, you can go for a huge swing that can act as a point of attraction too. Based on the size, you can opt to select a single-seater swing or a swing in which more than one person can sit comfortably.


The second essential factor that you need to understand is the placement of the swing. You need to first decide where you wish to install the swing. You need to check out the swing type based on the interiors and space of the room where you wish to install the swing. For example, you can install a small swing chair at one corner of the bedroom and a bench-styled huge swing at one side of your huge living room.

Also, you have to place the swing very carefully, making sure that nothing comes in its way while it is swinging. Hence, you have to install the swing in a place that is mostly vacant to avoid any kind of congestion, clash, and accident.


Swings are also available in different materials. A wooden swing is the most reliable one, but there are also many other swings that are made up of bamboo or metals. As you will be hanging in the air while sitting in the swing, it is essential that you choose a swing that is made up of durable material. Wood is one of the most durable options, and you should choose the best quality wood, such as teakwood, oakwood, or solid wood.

Apart from the wooden base, it is also essential to check out other materials in the swing. You need to check the material of the seat and also the material of the rope through which the swing is hanging. Usually, upholstery fabric is a great choice for the cushioned seat of the swing, and now you can get different colours that can complement the interior of your room quite well.

Types Of Chaise and Daybeds Available For Your Home/Office At Alankaram

Alankaram offers a range of chaise and daybeds for your home as well as for your office. You can use the filter option to choose the purpose and then can choose from a wide range of options available for you based on your selection. When you are choosing daybeds for your home, you can select different options such as a bedroom chaise or for some other locations of the home. Similarly, you can also choose from different types of designs and styles according to your requirement and the interiors of the room where you wish to place the chaise.


Jhula or a swing is the most common option that you can have for your home. You can look for various options, such as a swing with cushioned benches that are perfect for your courtyard or your balcony. The Jhula can be a single seater or even with multiple seats depending upon the availability of space where you wish to install the jhula.

Swing Chair With Stand

Another type to go for is a swing chair with a stand. It is a single-seater option that is a perfect piece for someone who is looking for solitude. If you wish to get a reading chaise, this can be one of the perfect options to go for. You can install this in the bedroom, library, or even at your favourite location in the house. This modern-day swing option is a great element that you can also add to your patio or your balcony area and decorate well with lights and accessories.

Hanging Swing Chair Without Stand

A hanging swing chair without a stand is another type of indoor chaise that you can have for your home. You can install such chaise options in your living room or your courtyard to spend some amazing moments or can even enhance the look of your interiors. Such a swing represents a cocoon-type seating that hangs from the ceiling. These swings are sophisticated and may not be as durable as the ones with a stand, but they can be a great addition to your home interiors.

Traditional Swing For Home

If you are someone who lives with your grandparents or you are of a traditional mindset, then you can go for the conventional swing. When you are thinking of getting a living room chaise, you can get a traditional swing for the purpose. These beautiful-looking swings come with wooden frames and have cushioned upholstery.

When you are looking for a traditional swing, you will come across various options, such as a bench-styled swing that is secured with ropes or metal chains at four corners. Also, you can get a swing that looks like a traditional basic sofa and hangs again from the ceiling. These are usually huge, and more than one person can sit on them at the same time. Earlier, such swings used to come with jute seats, but now you will get them with cushioned upholstery of various colours so that you can get the right colour according to the interior that you have.

A chaise is a luxury furniture item that is used to enhance the beauty of your home interiors. Whether you are getting a chaise or a swing, or a daybed, these pieces of furniture add up to the lavishness of your home and also offer you great comfort. If you are getting the right chaise or swing, it is going to become a favourite of every family member.

These days, a chaise is also used to decorate various offices depending upon the type of business that they have. If you have a creative business and wish to showcase a trendy culture at the office, installing a few swing chairs can always do the trick. Also, some offices today have also started the trend of installing such furniture options to offer a luxurious break time to their employees in order to help them relax in between work.

Alankaram is a perfect place that offers you to choose from a huge or a small chaise of different types, depending upon the purpose and your requirement. Spend some time browsing through the options, and you will come across several designs and patterns that can adorn the interiors of your home and office. Make use of the filters provided to get results that match your requirement and you come across a suitable option much more conveniently.

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