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Interested In Our Console And TV Units?

Have you seen the types of consoles and TV units available with us? We have some amazing collections that are perfect for your living room in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. Just check out the options to get the console unit that strikes your thoughts on the first go.

A proper TV unit can bring a noticeable transition in the look of the living room. If you do not wish to invest much in the other elements of the interior of your living room, you can just get an attractive TV unit, and you are sorted. We bring to you such units that are functional and, at the same time, will complete the look of the room’s interior without much effort.

Console And TV Units Price List

TV units are of diverse qualities and designs, according to which they also differ in price. Apart from selecting them based on size, design, and type, you can also narrow your search by selecting TV storage unit cost range on the website of Alankaram.

Shop for the best TV Unit online for your home

When you have invested a good amount of money in your TV, you cannot think of getting any random media unit for it. Even if you are getting a simple tv unit, it is essential that you shop for the best option in terms of material quality and design. One of the best ways is to check out an endless collection of options available online to get something that exactly suits your choice. While getting a unit based on the size of the TV and the interior of the room is important, it is also essential to check the quality and price of the unit to get the best option.

Console and TV Unit Designs To Choose From At Alankaram

Alankaram brings you a range of the latest tv unit options of various types and designs. You can make use of filters to narrow your search according to your preference and then select the right option for your living room.

While earlier, there used to be only a limited number of TV units, today, you can come across a wide range of options so that you do not have to kill your imagination. Alankaram is home to the best designs according to different tastes and interiors. Thus, if you browse through the options carefully, you are sure to get a piece that is suitable for your living room or your bedroom.

Choose a wide range of TV Units at Alankaram

Different living room interiors demand different types of TV units. Also, you may have a particular choice. Experts at Alankaram understand this fact and hence display units of diverse types so that there is a piece for everyone for the tv unit buy online option.

While TV units are common in the living room, there are also many homeowners who install a TV and a TV unit in the bedroom so that they can watch their favourite shows in bed too. Thus, keeping this in mind, Alankaram displays a wide range of TV units that differ on the basis of size, design, and even style.

Check out the latest Console and TV cabinet for your home

The latest TV options are sleek and huge that offer fantastic picture quality and enjoyable experience. To complement them, you will require to get the latest media storage unit to keep necessary media accessories such as a set-top box, speakers, and others. Check out such amazing latest units at Alankaram that are perfect for different home interiors.

Check out the best TV unit design at Alankaram

Looking for the best household storage units for TV and media? Your search will definitely come to an end at Alankaram. The site lists units that are high in material quality and stunning in design.

Choosing Console And TV Units based on your TV sizes

Today, LED TVs and smart TVs are available in different sizes ranging from 32 inches to as huge as 88 inches. Thus, one of the major factors in getting a TV unit is based on the size of your TV.

Choosing TV Cabinets based on the viewing height

Homeowners invest in expensive TVs and storage units to get an experience worth the investment. One of the ways to get a comfortable experience is to have a good viewing height. Hence, you should get a TV cabinet in which the TV can offer proper viewing height. One of the best ways to check the height is from the height of the sofa. The height of the cabinet should be such that anyone sitting on the sofa or other chairs in the living room can watch the TV comfortably without having any posture problems.

Points To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Console and TV Unit Online

While there are several options available, there are some special points that you should keep in mind for buying storage units. Some of the essential points that you should consider are:

Reasons To Buy Console And TV Units From Alankaram

One of the major reasons to buy console and TV units from Alankaram is that you can check out a wide range of options in terms of size, materials, designs, types, and so on. Use the filter options to select your choice and browse through several options available and get it delivered to your home.

Different Varieties of TV Units, Cabinets and TV stands

Today, there are several varieties of TV units from which you can get the suitable one for you.

Wall-mounted TV stand

The modern, sleek TVs are equipped in such a way that you can install them on a stand as well as you can also mount them on the wall. So, when the TVs can also be mounted on the wall, today you will also get a wall-mount TV stand.

A wall-mounted TV stand comparatively offers a modern look and also saves space in the room. Such a stand also comes in several designs and offers a good amount of storage as per required by you.

TV cupboard

If you are looking for small storage units, a TV cupboard is a great option to go for. The cupboard will have a space for the TV and also drawers and options to store other items. This is a kind of compact storage unit that maintains proper discipline.

Open TV showcase

When the idea is just to flaunt your TV and other souvenirs, then you should go for the open TV showcase that comes along with shelves. The TV will be installed at the centre of the showcase and then you can put up other items on the open shelves. You can keep decorative items, magazines, and other items on the shelves that will make the area look more productive as well as interesting.

Compact TV stand

The compact TV stand is a small tv unit or a small cupboard of drawers on which the TV is installed. As the name suggests, this compact TV stand is almost similar to a TV cupboard.

Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect TV Unit

Confused about which TV unit to choose from the varieties available? Here are some of the factors that you can consider to make your decision.

Appearance and Type

The first factor is to choose the right type of unit. If you just wish to get something for the TV, you can get options such as a compact TV unit or an open showcase. But if you are looking for home storage units, you should go for options such as a TV cupboard. Also, if you have a small TV, you can get a TV stand while you may have to get a wall-mount stand for your big-size LED screen. Moreover, you should also check which type of unit is going to match well with the interiors of the room.

Floor TV unit

While wall-mounted units are getting high in demand, floor TV units are something that can be easily relied upon. You do not have to invest much effort and time in mounting the stand on the wall and also you can shift the unit to different locations as and when required. Also, the floor TV units are known to offer more space as you have to install the TV on the stand, while the drawers and cupboards of the stand are entirely free, so you can use them for storing other items in them.

Size of the TV

Though the unit also acts as a storage unit too, you should not forget that the size of the unit should be in compliance with the size of the TV. If you get the biggest storage unit, but you have a small TV, it may not look like a TV unit at all. The simple equation is that the TV should cover about 60% to 70% of the unit.

Look and layout of the room

The selection of the unit also depends upon the look and layout of the room. Wooden TV units are a great option for almost all types of living room interiors. Still, it is essential to check whether the colour is matching with the interior or not.

Also, you have to check the type of TV unit depending on the look of the room. For example, if you have maintained a traditional look of the room's interior, then you can get a floor TV stand to match up with the vibe. But if you have modern-day interiors and stylish decor, then you can surely get modern-day options such as the compact unit or even the wall-mount unit. Also, if you have a simple or contemporary interior design, then a luxury media unit can bring balance to your room.

Storage options

If you are getting the TV unit also as a storage unit, then, of course, you will have to look out for those storage options in it. TV units usually come with several storage options, such as shelves, drawers, and even sliders or cupboards, depending upon the size and type of unit you are getting. If the idea is to display decorative items or magazines, then you can just get an open TV unit in which you get open shelves to keep your items.

But if the living room does not have many storage options and you wish to get one to hide away the mess, then you can get a TV stand with lots of storage options.

Material Quality

It is essential to check the material quality of the unit. It should be durable so that you do not have to invest again and again for its maintenance. One of the best materials in such a case is wood. Having a wooden framework makes the storage extremely durable and can last for years. Select from the best-quality wood, such as solid wood, teakwood, or oakwood, to get a durable and good-looking TV unit to offer an attractive look to your living room or any other room where you have installed the unit.

When a TV unit has become an eminent part of the living room, you should invest at least some time in getting the best one according to your room's interior. Also, you should check out the big or small storage unit cost so that you do not feel a financial burden. Checking options online and buying the right option from Alankaram is the best thing to do to get a quality item at an affordable cost.

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