“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.”

- Henry Ford



With over 500+ unique designs and thousands of customization options, you are limited only by your imagination! At ALANKARAM, our approach is focussed towards creating custom furniture that is unique and reflects the personally and taste of the user. Most of our furniture are made-to-order; the production starts only after our team knows exactly what you need and draws plan accordingly.


Once you are narrowed down on your requirements and shared them with us, it’s time for our design team to put on their thinking caps and recommend furniture which suits your taste, timelines and is something which you will love to have around you.

Steps in the planning are

  1. Client side: Choosing furniture from our wide range and catalogs which you would you like to have
  2. Client side: Sharing layout / drawings of you room / project
  3. Alankaram: Suggesting sizes of furniture by placing blocks in AutoCAD file
  4. Alankaram: Suggesting alternative and/or complimenting furniture



Choose wood

All our furniture are crafted with sustainably-sourced, natural woods. Teakwood which we use is sourced directly from the government auctions. White Oakwood, Steam beechwood and other woods are imported from Europe/USA. We use kild dried wood for all work.

We’re always happy to send you samples of our woods, stains, and finishes which can be ordered on request.

Choose color for wood

Our furniture is finished with eco-friendly coatings that are prepared to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and offer better protection against moisture and normal wear tear. Our furniture items look the best in natural finishes. However, we also offer a number of different stains to choose from if the clear, natural finishes aren’t quite what you’re looking for. More about our wood finishes can be checked here (



Choose upholstery

With thousands of custom fabric, leatherette and leather options, you’re free to express yourself. Dreaming of a plush velvet, a classy leather or a mesmerizing printed fabric for your accent chair, we have it all. We have more than 300+ ready stock fabric options in our factory as well to get your furniture shipped in real quick time! Want more details about the options, please feel free to reach out to us.

Choose accessories

Our furniture collections are designed and crafted by expert artisans with decades of experience in building and designing furniture. Small elements such as knobs, organizers, rods for hangers, drawers go a way long to ensure your unit is not just an elegant looking piece but is functional for the daily usage as well.



Final Product

Once you have shared the complete details for your furniture, it’s time to relax and let our team do the hard work. Our team of furniture aficionados is well-versed in the art of getting ideas onto paper, and our craftsmen are equally talented in making those ideas come to life. Once ready, our team will reach out to you with the images of the final products.