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What Paint & Polishes are Good for Furniture?

When deciding on furniture that defines your interiors, the choices you make often have a magnanimous impact on wellbeing. Having the right size, shape, type and colour of furniture is essential in cohesive interior design. Finishes of individual products influence the overall visual of any space. Thus, upkeep of wooden furniture is essential, which can easily be enabled with the help of paints and polishes.

Furniture is painted and polished to preserve materials, give it an even surface and amplify the colour. However, there is a stark difference between the two applications. Paints are pigmented coatings that are applied as a new layer of colour and texture over the wooden surface. In contrast, polish is used to enhance the original texture and grains of wooden furniture. Let’s look at the different types of paint and polishes suitable for the design of wooden furniture.


A fresh coat of paint can revivify your home furniture. Depending on the type of project, one can choose the more appropriate kind of paint. There are various types of paints which are available in the market depending on the preferences and uses of the furniture i.e., Latex, Chalky, Milk, Acrylic and Oil paint

We at Alankaram wield paints like Acrylic and Oil for our furniture range as these adheres well on them and doesn’t shrink or cracks the surfaces.

Acrylic Paint

It is a close relative of latex paint and renders the furniture vibrantly with a smooth finish. Acrylic paint is easy to apply, self-levelling and can be cleaned with water. It is preferable for small-scale furniture such as console tables and accent pieces that require a quick coat of paint.

Oil Paint

If you are unable to gauge the appropriate finish for a product, then oil paint is a safe option. It can be applied to any surface and has self-levelling properties. Due to its versatility, ease and duration of application, it is a durable option for furnishings that undergo heavy usage.


To maintain and amplify the qualities of the wood, polishing is a great way to bring out the shine and highlight the grains of the wood, it also protects furniture from several external threats including humidity, moisture and bacteria. Additionally, it provides a glossy and smooth look to any piece of furniture.

Polishes like water-based, Polyurethane, lacquer, varnish, shellac are used.

Water-Based Wood Polish

This type of wood polish is clear base polish which dries very quickly can be applied to different kinds of surfaces to modify the wood color. The water-based wood polish and finish can be used on distinctive types of wood surfaces. These include painted, bare, and stained surfaces. The finish is long-lasting and hence can be used on handicrafts and decorative items that require longevity and an elegant look.

Polyurethane Polish

Polyurethane polish, also known as PU polish, is used for the longevity it provides to the ethos of furniture. The water-resistant finish adds shine to any product and can be used on exterior furniture as well as in interiors such as kitchen cabinets, doors and windows.

Paints and polishes are answers to the evolving needs of contemporary furniture design. The need to revive and make over of the furniture has brought myriad options of paints and polishes to the market. With this knowledge of paints and polishes, you can revamp your furniture and make it as good as new!

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