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Viva Magenta: How To Bring The Pantone Colour Of The Year 2023 Into Your Home?

A suitable colour choice can make or break a space. In particular, in homes, colour plays a decisive role in establishing the mood of the living space. Viva Magenta is a shade that oscillates between red and hot pink and is audacious, witty and inclusive of all. Even in small bouts, colours lend a sense of fantasy and glamour. At Alankaram, we have used this hue, especially upholstery, to meld our traditional designs with a contemporary vibe.

One should select colours appropriately based on the interior scheme, room size, etc. For example, Viva Magenta is powerful and empowering. Coming from the family of animated red, this shade revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint. The electrifying hue can be used on accent walls if you want to go for a vibrant touch or in small doses in the furniture upholstery, furnishing, etc. It’s essential to bring symmetry and balance to a space which becomes easier when you have only two colours to work with.

Viva Magenta is a versatile colour that any space can adapt to based on how you are using it. For example, in the living room, it could be a velvety or textured upholstered sofa in monotone hues of Viva Magenta. You can dot the dining area with trays, table mats, etc., for minuscule doses of the same. This hue also reflects love and passion so that one can use it on the bedroom wall or bedding. In the kitchen, the colour works well in backsplashes.

Pairing it with the right colours

Research has shown that colour impacts mood. The energetic and inviting shades, such as Viva Magenta on the colour wheel, evoke excitement and delight. Conversely, colours on the cooler side of the wheel, such as blue and green, are associated with calm and relaxation. Opt for brighter, stimulating shades to energise and revitalise your interiors. However, the colours you pick should reflect your design sensibilities and personality.

Though Viva Magenta is less aggressive than red, it can only dominate the complete design narrative if used thoughtfully. For an energetic yet subtle ambience, it’s best to pair this shade with tones of white or cream. If you have a sofa or chair of this hue, pair it with neutral cushions to achieve an aesthetic balance.

What should you avoid?

Don’t go all out with this shade in compact areas, as it can make the space seem claustrophobic. Instead, pair it with muted greys or sandy browns for an interesting contrast. For an analogous colour palette, pair it with reds, oranges, and purples that are on the opposite end of the colour spectrum.

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