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The Impact Of Regional Art On Furniture Design

Furniture can add character to a range of spaces while offering functionality. Regional influences are not just a mode of storytelling through design, upholstery and materiality when it comes to furniture; they become an integral part of styling. India is a melting pot of cultures and is synonymous with colours, diversity and evolution in design styles through the influence of our historical past. Different regions, like Japan and Scandinavia, have their unique elements that accentuate the utility and functionality of the furniture piece.

Celebrating traditional motifs

At Alankaram, a lot of furniture is made from local Indian wood like teak, derived from ethnic art forms, and named after a featured design element in their respective languages. We synthesise craftsmanship, aesthetics, utility, and strength while celebrating minimalistic designs that use regional art in unique ways. You can take the example of the classic Puoli lounge chair that features ornate designs derived from indigenous block prints. The print and weave on the upholstery fabrics stay true to traditional motifs while amalgamating modern design lines.

Carving & inlay

Indian karigari, or craftsmanship, when incorporated in carvings, inlay work and painting, adds a touch of artistry to furniture design and instils elegance. Paint can transform a classic wooden furniture piece into a statement-making artwork. Our Boyali table is a two-part set with a teak wood body and brass accents. The very name Boyali translates to painted in Turkish and is symbolic of the beautiful hand-painted art on top. This native painting is juxtaposed with a brass base on the side table, forming the perfect addition to any living room.

Striking a balance

Balance is critical when integrating native designs or artwork with modern furniture pieces. For example, a cornucopia of bold colours will not work for a compact, contemporary apartment. On the other hand, muted pastels could do the trick. Furniture steeped in our heritage can preserve the craft in the product forever.

Our moral duty as designers is to develop new ways to keep precious regional art alive and thriving! At Alankaram, every piece of furniture we create has a cultural or regional inspiration behind it. Incorporating custom furniture pieces into the interiors mindfully gives the home a unique identity with handcrafted Indian touches. When infused into any modern space series, vernacular elements can provide a relaxed, rooted, contemporary and soulful look.

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