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Settee, daybed and chaise: How are they different & where to place them?

When it comes to furniture for lounging, sitting or even snoozing, we often think of the daybed, settle or chaise — but most people confuse these three to be the same. Each piece of furniture mentioned above is different from the other. Let’s dig deeper into what differentiates the settee, divan or daybed.

A settee is a compact version of a sofa but has a more upright, sleeker and elegant posture. It has two arms along with a back. One can use the settee in an entryway, living area, dining space, or bedroom. Generally, the arms of a settlement are made of exposed wood. A settee looks like a bench but has upholstery and arms, making it a more comfortable pick.

The word chaise is derived from the French term “chaise longue,” which literally translates into “long chair.” The chaise has a profile similar to a chair and is an upholstered seat for one. A chaise may also have the option to recline. What makes this a convenient pick is that it delivers the function of a chair and footstool in one. Additionally, chaises always have a back; they may have two arms or one or none. They may be contoured, which makes them ideal for lounging and relaxing. Contemporary chaises feature an upright shape and may be used to seat two side-by-side or one reclining.

The divan originated in Persia and is also known as a daybed. It is a tufted mattress-like seat, which may be used directly on the ground or on a low wooden frame. In most Indian homes, the divan is generally pushed against a wall and pillows are piled on the same to create a daytime seat. At night, the cushions are cleared off and the daybed converts into a comfortable bed. Hence, the divan is basically an ideal lounge-worthy piece of furniture.

While each of these pieces do offer the comforts of lounging, their purposes and design profiles vary. Go ahead and pick one that meets your home requirements.

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