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Rattan furniture: Why, how, and where to use it?

At Alankaram, we honour age-old materials and techniques by giving them a modern twist – and Rattan is one such material that we love using. Rattan is a material we are all familiar with, and it adorns an entirely new avatar when combined with contemporary-style teak furniture. It is a vine material and nostalgic sight in Indian interior decor and is constantly being reinvented. The braided wicker pattern has been an evergreen nuance in furniture design since its first use more than 200 years ago.

The woven cane material with a natural or walnut teak finish is a match made for contemporary homes. In turbulent times, it’s nice to return to familiar materials we have seen so often and cherished in our childhood homes.

Why use Rattan?

Rattan offers multiple benefits when it comes to utility, aesthetics and sustainability. Some of these are:

Easy-to-repair & resilient: The durable Rattan is not susceptible to everyday wear and tear. If cracks do appear, they can be fixed using boiled linseed oil on the area using a brush.

Stain resistant: Any spills or marks can be instantly wiped off, making the material resistant to stains.

Versatile: It can be dyed in various colours, from dark coffee to soft greys and icy whites. Combining it with wood makes rattan an ideal pick for indoor furniture also.

Weather & eco-friendly: The water-friendly, UV-resistant Rattan is popular for outdoor furniture. It is also an eco-friendly option that is recyclable and reusable.

Portable: Rattan is lightweight and thus easily portable, making it a popular pick for urban homes.

Where & how to use Rattan?

We’ve constantly experimented with this classic craft by incorporating it into many of our products. The minimal yet captivating network of woven cane complements most interior styles, imparting an old-world charm. We have employed the furniture material and upholstery in cabinets, wardrobes and partitions.

Moreover, our products like the Donus swing, Maly bedside unit, Baka bench, and Luk Sofa are unique and unconventional designs that feature rattan work. For instance, the Donus swing and Luk sofa use latticework products to provide an airy seating experience. Likewise, the Maly bedside unit brings an innovative design with rattan work drawers. Such products testify to this craft’s enormous potential in home decor.

Our ‘Parooh’ set, meaning tied/ knotted/ interlaced in Sanskrit, is a homage to a trusted weaving technique. It comprises the ‘Uway’ rattan bed, an intricately carved mural, the ‘Jeanneret’ bench, lounge chairs and dining chairs, the ‘Dela’ wooden-rattan partition and our iconic ‘Karu’ stool. 

Rattan is a material that shines in any product range, and we incorporated it in ours using a combination of contemporary and modern design styles.

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