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Office Decorating Mistakes You Want to Avoid in 2023

We all strive to be at our best at all times, whether it’s in our personal or social, or professional lives. While our innate personality, capabilities, and perseverance may hold the key to success, it would be inapt to ignore how our environment plays a pivotal role. Whether it’s our homes or our at-home workspaces, or formal office settings, the decor is as important as any other factor. It’s the decor that can make or break the entire decorum and our productivity quotients.

In this article, we will discuss the most common office decorating mistakes that we should avoid in 2023. Let’s get started!

Office Decoration Mistakes 

#1 – Improper Lighting

Whether it’s stark daylight or any other time of the day, ill-lighting in the office space can have a counterproductive effect. Would you prefer a dimly lit office room decoration or office foyer or a bright one, or a balanced entry space? Of course, the response would be the balanced one. Choosing the wrong lighting ideas, equipment, and other aspects is one of the most common decor hazards that most offices struggle with.

It is important to ensure that not only the entry foyer but also all the corners of the office stays appropriately illuminated. That said, you can always opt for customising the illumination based on the location and circumstances. Thus, illumination should be one of the key aspects of modern office interior designs.

#2 – Improper Floor Planning 

Over the years, office interior decoration has evolved tremendously. From cramped cubicles to plain-jane, less-inspiring ones to spacious, private cubicles to open, collaborative spaces – the shift has been phenomenal. While modern, Gen-Z millennials prefer more collaborative, open floors, others might still lean towards private or well-spaced cubicles. And each has its own set of advantages too. However, too open a workspace might invite unwarranted distractions and may prove to be counterproductive. At the same time, separate cubicles might negatively impact the collaborative work culture. 

Have a proper floor plan and office room decoration that suits your workforce, their professional working environments, and their need for agility and collaboration. 

#3 – Inappropriate Office Furniture

Tables, chairs, long desks, meeting room furniture, and storage cupboards – these are some of the indispensable office decoration items and usage essentials. You might wonder what can go wrong with these articles. Nothing much, right? Actually, NO! Ill selections of office furniture have the potential to completely disrupt the office vibe that you might be aiming for. Too many furniture items crammed into small spaces, tables, and desks with inappropriate heights, and a host of other things may go wrong.

Before selecting any furniture for your office space or any modern office interior design themes, keep your floor plan handy. Gauge the need for furniture in the right spaces and avoid overdoing it. Don’t forget to colour-coordinate your office furniture with the existing or upcoming decor of your workspace.

Since office furniture and other office decoration items are something that you won’t be replacing or upgrading quite often, get premium wooden furniture, such as wooden desks, wood-panelled storage cupboards, premium, shiny teakwood, and solid wood meeting room tables. Get some cushiony, comfy yet antique-looking wooden sofas for your foyer, meeting rooms, C-suite executive rooms, lounges, casual meet-up areas, and more.

You can browse the extensive collection of premium wooden office furniture at Alankaram today. Why go through the hassle of bulk storefront purchases, endless negotiations, and more when Alankaram can get these office furniture items shipped to your doorstep?

#4 Uninspiring Office Canteens

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing and the rise of the work-from-home culture, office lunches at the canteens, chai breaks, and on-the-go snacking times tend to be forgotten. However, with many workspaces swinging back to the normal routine, you have a chance to delight your employees with sophisticatedly decorated break areas/canteens with great office interior decoration themes.

After their workstations and meeting rooms, your employees are going to spend the majority of their time in the lounge areas, work-out studios, and break rooms. Upgrade these office nooks and corners with the right mix of wall decor, wall art, and premium and comfortable furniture articles. Take inspiration from time-tested yet unique office room decoration themes and ideas. And you would be surprised at the level of awe, engagement, and collaboration that these spaces can inspire.

Get premium wooden bar chairs, bar stools, and sophisticated high chairs for your dining islands and make your employees’ break time worth the while. Get as creative as possible with office decorating. Go for comfy, sophisticated, and enriching sofas, recliners, and lounge chairs for your modern lounge areas. Make your workout studios as pragmatically functional and aesthetic as possible with the right decor elements.

#5 – Inconvenient Storage

When it comes to designing the storage spaces in our homes, we certainly leave no stone unturned. It’s time to give the same level of attention to office storage spaces, furniture, and office decorating items too. Though digital transformation is at its full potential today, and most paper-based files have been moved to cloud storage, your office still needs appropriate storage essentials. Whether it’s the storage cupboards that you are going to place near the employee workstations or the storage spaces in the lounge, meeting, and break rooms, ill-fitting storage spaces can ruin the entire decorum. And not to mention, it’s going to interrupt your employees’ daily work in a certain manner too.

Get succinct, appropriate, premium, and aesthetically-elegant storage units for your workplace, and thank us at Alankaram later!

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