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Must Have Furniture for Summers

Summers bring with them a need for open and airy spaces. With the cosiness of the winters gone, one seeks proper ventilation in spaces and light, breathable fabrics in furniture. People change their interior decor settings and furniture layouts to suit the new season. Switching up your decor scene can be enjoyable if one has a guide on selecting the must-have furniture for summer.

What is Summer Furniture?

Although there’s no set definition for summer furniture, furnishings that are lightweight, perforated and weatherproof are considered ideal for the season. Summers can be harsh, but with furniture conducive to outdoor settings, one can make use of their backyards and porches even in the scorching heat! Such spaces require furniture that is easily moveable and not bulky in volume. Moreover, afternoon siestas are best enjoyed on airy and comfortable loungers. Therefore, pieces like lounge chairs, pouffes, daybeds, swings, benches, and outdoor sofa sets are must-haves.

Rattan – The Summer Pattern

Rattan has been used to make wicker patterns in tropical regions since ancient times. The braided wicker pattern has been an evergreen nuance in furniture design for its airy and timeless applications. Moreover, the minimal network of woven cane can be worked into modern furniture designs and interior styles.

Alankaram has constantly experimented with this classic craft by incorporating it into many of our summer products. Our products like the Donus swing, Baka bench, and Jeanneret lounge chair are some unique and unconventional designs that feature rattan work. All of these products use the latticework to provide a ventilated seating experience.

Daybeds & Pouffes - Interior furniture

Daybeds are the most common choice for one’s afternoon siestas. As the name suggests, daybeds are alternative sleeping furniture for the daytime, which double as both a bed and a sofa. One of the differentiating features is an extended headboard that covers one or more sides, rather than just the head of the bed. The Sohva daybed by Alankaram is a comfortable recliner appropriate for your summer siesta needs.

For those who prefer taking naps in upright positions, armchairs can be paired with matching pouffes for ergonomic ease. Pouffes are large solid cushions that act as independent stools or footstools. The right pouffe will take care of your feet, while you recline comfortably in the armchair. Alankaram offers a wide range of versatile Ottoman pouffes to style your interiors in the summers. 

Outdoor furniture

With the right furniture, one can make use of open spaces like backyards, porches and parks. Generally, in such settings, it is preferable to use furnishings with less material usage, making them mobile and easy to handle. Moreover, the used wood should be water-resistant and UV-resistant so that the furniture can be left outside without being affected by external factors like rain and sunlight; one should opt for wicker chairs, wooden lounge chairs, benches, and outdoor sofa sets.

Alankaram offers a catalogue of outdoor furniture collection that includes many products such as the Minik wooden chair, the sturdy Nofoa outdoor sofa, the handcrafted Klop bench, and the bright and cheerful Orgu metal chair.

Summer furniture represents ease, relaxation and comfort. Depending on the type of space, interior or exterior, one can opt for favourable furnishing! Whether it is a combination of a rattan lounge chair and a pouffe for your living room, or a slender metal chair for your backyard, there are numerous options to adorn your spaces this summer. 

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