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Top Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Them Look Bigger

Small bedroom? Well, you’re not alone! It is one of the most prevalent decorating problems for bedrooms. Homes in most urban areas are filled with cramped spaces and compact living. But it doesn’t have to be claustrophobic! In this article, we are going to discuss some of the cool small bedroom ideas that can transform the aesthetics of your bedroom and offer it the decor and vibe it deserves. We will be focusing on some of the proven, pragmatic, easy-to-implement and simple small bedroom designs in India later in the article. 

Small bedrooms have exceptional design and decorating challenges. However, having a small space does not need you to forsake your sense of style or, more significantly, your perception of space. Small bedroom ideas that are not only pragmatically creative but aesthetic too can be your best bet for refurbishing your small bedroom in a hassle-free manner. 

We have compiled a list of 5 solutions to your forever query, “How to make a small room look bigger?” Read on to discover much-needed small bedroom ideas, from minor tweaks to the best tricks.

Ideas to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Clear the Clutter

Before focusing on other designing or decorating aspects, keep in mind that clutter is your main threat. The room will appear more prominent when it is free of knick-knacks and other unnecessary items. Make sure the room is always tidy. It might be perceived as a no-brainer, but it is one of the most crucial small bedroom ideas that can make a huge difference to your bedroom’s aesthetics.  A neatly organised, clutter-free, and minimalist bedroom gives the impression that it is larger than it is. Make it a routine to frequently clean and declutter your drawers, tables, and cupboards to prevent the bedroom from seeming cramped. Get rid of additional furniture from the space, and avoid overcrowding the walls with decorative pieces of stuff.

Embrace Minimalism 

Wondering how to make a small room look bigger, especially your small bedroom? Avoid using heavy designs and prints for the mattress, pillows, and throw cushions because they make your room appear smaller. Opt for light-coloured fabrics that coordinate with the colour scheme of the bedroom for a sleek and uncomplicated appearance.

Secondly, design an effective bedroom arrangement where the bed’s position guarantees adequate area for the overall movement. Ensure the furniture in your small bedroom is multipurpose or has fewer pieces. Some people are unaware of the benefits of unoccupied space. It is not essential to fully stock every shelf in your home. A smaller bedroom needs empty space because it helps the space breathe a little. Try implementing one of these tried and tested small bedroom ideas, and thank us later! 

Lighten it Up

Firstly, arrange mirrors in your small bedroom to reflect both natural and artificial light around the space and create the impression that the room is larger. You may use natural light by correctly positioning the mirror opposite the window or any other artificial light source.

A strategically placed mirror will add depth or altitude and reflect light, and this could be your best response to the ultimate question – “how to make a small room look bigger?”. 

Secondly, clever use of lights can make your small bedroom seem large and airy.

Here are top tips that may help to make a small room look bigger:

  • Make use of multiple lights in your bedroom. You may look at plenty of options, including sconces, floor lamps, and lamp shades for table lamps.

  • Opt for wall lights to brighten corners or recesses.

  • If your home is small, but your ceiling is relatively high, you may draw attention to this by using tall, slender furniture and high cabinets. You can also use a long hanging light. It will pull attention above and downward, emphasising the height of the room rather than its constrained floor area.

  • Choose lampshades in the appropriate colour. Choosing complementary, light-coloured lampshades for your floor and table lamps would be best.

  • Use transparent furniture like glass tables to remove visual boundaries and expand the space. This small bedroom idea can really do the visual trick, and you will be spellbound by the effect it yields. 

Pay Attention to the Scale

Playing with scale is a technique that interior designers and stylists choose to produce big-impact spaces. It is basically how an item or a piece of furniture relates to the size of a room.  A piece of furniture, a piece of art, a lamp or light, a print on a cushion or mattress, or an accent in a space can all be upscaled, or it can be done more intricately with wallpaper or tiles. You will be astonished by the significant impact that a few little adjustments inspired by creative small bedroom ideas may have. Pay close attention to the scale of the designs; smaller, busier prints work best on little areas like cushions or secondary components like a floor rug. Large, bold designs typically look best on focal points that have white space surrounding them. Don’t take our word for it. Give it a try yourself and experience the magic of these small bedroom ideas. 

Think Multifunctional

Not all design concepts for small bedrooms use visual tricks. Obviously, your bedroom will appear larger if there is less furniture there. Raising your bed with risers and keeping your clothing underneath would be an easy option. Additionally, beds with integrated storage are your go-to small bedroom ideas.

In a tiny bedroom, opting for built-in storage is one of the key small bedroom ideas because it won’t take up much additional floor space. Built-in racks, headboards with built-in storing space, box beds, a window seat with storage space, etc., are just a few of the many options. 

Bonus Tricks to Make Small Bedrooms Look Bigger

  • Paint the ceiling and walls a light or pale colour.

  • Instead of having cluttered gallery walls, showcase one substantial work of art.

  • Ensure the windows are uncluttered and that blinds and drapes may be drawn back or up to let in the most light.

  • A well-balanced colour palette and minimal furniture may help your small bedroom appear more hospitable.

  • When it comes to furniture, the proportion is crucial. The simple rule is that the heavier the furniture, the stuffier the appearance will be. Avoid bulky items that take up room.

Regardless of your unique style, these basic ideas will help you make a small bedroom look bigger.

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