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How to repair & maintain wooden furniture?

Sturdy and durable wooden furniture can add warmth and charm to your home. While aesthetically pleasing, retaining that new look of the furniture requires some time and effort. Be it a purchase from a regular furniture store or an exclusive deal that you bagged in an online furniture store, careful handling and maintenance are essential to keep your wooden furniture in good shape.

How to clean wooden furniture?

Gently wipe wooden furniture with a clean and dry microfiber cloth to get rid of dust and moisture. Modern furniture designers also suggest using non-toxic cleaners for deep cleaning. However, it is best to avoid a wet cloth, as it may cause dampness. Ensure all the hard-to-reach furniture parts are wiped regularly, specially carved or latticed pieces.

Protect wood from moisture & external forces

Dark spaces and high humidity areas are breeding grounds for termite infestation. Hence, it is best to try and arrange the wooden furniture in well-ventilated areas of the house. Also, check for seepage, especially from external walls and fix it on priority as they damage the wood. Apart from moisture, wood also needs protection from external forces that can alter the natural look of the furniture. For instance, prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade and dry the wood. At Alankaram, we highly suggest keeping hand-painted furniture pieces away from direct sunlight. Weather-friendly options like rattan weave loungers are recommended for outdoor areas like the balcony. They elevate the aesthetics of outdoor spaces like the balcony and require little to no maintenance.

Tip: Scratch on your wooden table? Rub a walnut over it (after it’s taken out of the shell). Doing so helps release walnut oil, which makes the scratch disappear.

Waxing and oiling

Even with the utmost care, some furniture pieces undergo wear and tear, resulting in small scratches or dents. Office furniture, in particular, requires regular re-paint and polishing to retain its look. Wooden furniture designs finished in oil and wax should be re-waxed every six months to cover minor scratches and eliminate accumulated grime. When they look dry, you can re-oil them with linseed oil and re-wax.

Coat it with paint

Sometimes, only a fresh coat of paint can breathe a new lease of life into your furniture. Select the paint type based on the furniture piece; some options are latex, chalky, milk, acrylic and oil paint. However, we at Alankaram prefer paints like acrylic and oil, that adhere well to our furniture range and don’t shrink or crack the surfaces. Simple and regular care of your wooden furniture can prolong its lifespan by many years. Try these tips and cherish your wooden furniture for many more.

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