Furniture pieces that blur the line between modern & traditional

Design trends keep changing and recur in cycles, evolving each time. Post the pandemic, most people opt for minimalistic and sleek designs with regional influences. A popular trend these days is the fusion of traditional and contemporary decor, as it amalgamates the best of both worlds and is inspirational. Furniture clubbed with artistic elements such as hand paint and inlay work is popular, too, as it exudes a touch of ‘Indian-ness’ with contemporary luxe.

At Alankaram, we make furniture in Indian wood like Teak and imported wood like White Oak. Wooden furniture is often misconstrued as rustic, robust or traditional. Our design approach involves synthesising craftsmanship, aesthetics, utility, and strength. Moreover, our process aims at crafting contemporary, minimalistic designs using regional art in unique ways.

For example, our classic Aronui lounge chair features beautiful printed fabrics from Saheba Singh – a part of our collaborative ‘Kinaray Black’ Collection. The design collaboration features an exclusive line of upholstery fabrics that retains traditional motifs while amalgamating modern design lines.

The Tidlos sofa is one of our classics, and rightfully so. Its name translates to timeless in Swedish, owing to its timeless design and pragmatic form. Textured upholstery meets ethnic Indian block print in a sofa melding art and functionality. 

The Puoli lounge chair consists of two semi-circular halves combined to make one lounge chair. ‘Puoli’ translates to half in Finnish; the chair flaunts a designer upholstery whose rich colours and handmade fabric make it worthwhile for any living room or lounge.

The Boyali table is a two-part set with a teak wood body and brass accents. Its name translates to painted in Turkish for the beautiful hand-painted art on top. Its traditional painting juxtaposes the brass base on the side table, forming the perfect addition to any living room. It can be customised for size and artwork.

Another classic example is the Brid – our solid wood chest of drawers. Its name means chamfered; its angular drawer fronts are accident-proof, devoid of sharp corners, and expose the beautiful teak wood grain in the opposite direction to the rest of the unit. In addition, it features a modern take on traditional drawer handles with metal accents. The unit is the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, dining area, study room or lobby.

The Uway – king-size teakwood bed with Rattan headboard is another great piece of furniture that sways between contemporary and classic. It has a clean-lined design with rounded edges and legs. It’s minimalist and yet has the vibe of the bygone era.

Pick fusion pieces that are functional to enhance the interiors or exteriors of your home. What did you think of the above furniture pieces? Share your thoughts and suggestions in comments below:

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