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Furniture Designs For Contemporary Workplace Of 2023

Furniture is one of the core elements of a productive workplace. 2022 was a lesson for interior designers and firms alike that the briefs of commercial spaces had to change. With many companies following the hybrid norm, the workspace design must be collaborative, comfortable and pleasing so that employees want to come to work. Safety and well-being are other key aspects of furniture designs in offices too. Here are some workplace trends that will gain prominence in the upcoming year:

Improved ergonomic designs

When it comes to furniture design, companies want to up their game instead of just prioritising cost. Companies are asking for highly tailored spaces. The intent is to recruit and retain talent, especially in today’s tight labour market. Ergonomic furniture pieces have been designed to support function and comfort for human use. They are designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems, joint pain, back issues, neck pains, arthritis, restricted organs, and poor blood pressure are some of the key objectives of ergonomic furniture designs. Ergonomic furniture articles are no longer just a luxury or status quo product that office interior decorators might think of opting for. Instead, ergonomic designs have emerged as a must for office settings for today and tomorrow. Our Doko office chair has a nifty handle at the back for easy movement. Simple design additions can enhance the usability of the piece.

Flexible, multifunctional pieces

Multifunctional furniture is currently trending and describes any furniture that caters to more than one function. Typically, a furniture piece is only expected to serve one purpose. But, modern furniture designers have designed multipurpose furniture that caters to anticipated requirements from two to three different pieces of furniture. With precious space at a premium, multipurpose furniture adds to the functionality of workplaces. Flexible spaces provide more opportunities for storage, organisation, etc. which in turn reduces workplace clutter.

Sustainability and wellness

Wellness and sustainability will remain at the forefront of workspace furniture trends for 2023. These products emphasise human health and minimise off–gassing, carbon and waste. With the intent to reduce carbon footprint, workplaces prefer sourcing products from furniture manufacturers that use ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly practices. Furniture designs created for holistic well-being provide an environment that is productive, engaging and energising for the employees. These pieces hold aesthetic and sophisticated significance. We use neglected pieces of wood from construction as small elements in our solid wood tables. Not only do they add a quirky design element, they do so while being ecologically friendly.

These are a few design trends that will drive the roadmap for workplace furniture in 2023 and can be used for work from home too.

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