5 Tips To Setup The Living Room Right

The living room is one of the most used areas in the house, and often, arranging the furniture for a functional layout can be daunting. Since this is one of the first spaces that welcome you into the home, it’s essential to have a thoughtful, practical and aesthetically pleasing layout. Here are some tips on how you can get the right arrangement of form and function in this space:

1. Bring in balance

Balance and scale create a harmonious set-up in the living room and ensure the spaces don’t feel lopsided. You don’t want too many empty or crowded spots. Keep the largest couch against the wall – it’s best to keep the bulky pieces away from the centre of the room, as they tend to block foot traffic. Align the rest of the furniture to face the feature piece of the room. Whether buying from online furniture stores or regular furniture stores, ensure you measure the pieces for both size and placement.

Tip: Bring in a variety of shapes for visual interest. Take a cue from the displayed image where a round coffee table juxtaposes the straight-lined seating arrangement.

2. Think of a focal point

A focal point can give the layout of your living room a natural flow. It can be the television or an expansive window where you arrange your furniture. Displayed here is a furniture arrangement that is designed around the television.

Tip: For a small living room, wall mount the TV or place it inside the media unit, so that it doesn’t eat into the floor space.

3. Don’t forget the traffic flow

One of the essential things to consider when arranging furniture in the living room is free thoroughfare or traffic flow. The occupants should not get hurt or barge into furniture pieces when passing through the room. Also, pick furniture with rounded or bevelled edges to minimise risks of injury. Ideally, the distance between the coffee table, sofa and chairs should be about two feet (a few inches here and there).

Tip: Keep the largest piece of furniture like the sofa or couch against the wall.

4. Accessorise it right

Luxury living rooms are not just about furniture pieces but the cohesive design grammar. Accessorise it right to make a visual impact. For example, if you are using an area rug or carpet, it should anchor your furniture arrangement. Ideally, the front legs of the bigger pieces should be on the rug or carpet, while the back legs may be on the floor. Place the coffee table at arm’s length from the sofa and chairs to enhance functionality. Of course, it translates the seating space into a great conversation starter. Do add curtains, artwork and lights to unify the look.

Tip: If you don’t have space for a large coffee table, use nested tables for an interesting height balance like our Uchta centre tables.

5. Create a room board

Before investing in furniture pieces, consider setting up a room board in mind. What pieces of furniture do you want, and how will they interact with each other? By visualising the space in your mind, you can invest in practical furniture pieces you will cherish for your living room.

Now that you know the basics of setting up the living room, go ahead and beautify yours. At Alankaram, we have a curated collection of lifestyle furniture to adorn your living room.

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