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5 Functional Decor Products Made From Wood

There’s no doubt that sturdy and durable wooden furniture can add warmth and charm to your home. At Alankaram, we make furniture in Indian wood like Teak and imported wood like White Oak. Wooden decor products are often misconstrued as rustic, robust or traditional. On the contrary, our design approach involves synthesising craftsmanship, aesthetics, utility, and strength. Moreover, our process aims at crafting contemporary, minimalistic designs using regional art in unique ways to suit the needs of modern homes. Let’s have a look at our popular functional decor products made from wood:

Made from teak wood, this thoughtfully designed desk accessory features a pentagonal shape with smooth edges. In addition, it has a dark navy base (with options for different colours) that complements the natural finish of the lids. These are a great gift and a sensible and sustainable way to keep your tchotchkes, small jewellery, and so much more.

Is it a mini-cabinet, or is it a trunk – it’s a mini box that offers more functionality and keeps clutter at bay. The one-of-a-kind design of the Quti box offers functionality and enhances the aesthetics of your living spaces. Its unique design comprises a pull-out drawer and is made from natural teak. Alongside this, the walnut colour of the box adds contemporary earthiness to the design. On the whole, the Quti is a great piece for gifting and everyday use, available in different sizes.

Why keep planters in toxic plastics when functional wood alternatives are available? In tune with our design philosophy, we ensure that our products are made in an eco-friendly way with responsibly sourced materials. This teak wood planter box with small holes for breathability has subtle curves that soften the geometry. Designed to fit almost any space, this planter is available in different combinations and can be used as a cluster or individually.

Shifting from the paradigms of ornate metal mirrors, this natural wood mirror is a refreshing addition to the foyer or bathroom. A display of unique craftsmanship, this teakwood wall frame fits both contemporary and traditional decor with its intricate design. Available in different combinations, this mirror can be customised for size, design, colours, etc.

The dual-function Loparik is a clever addition to your kitchen and can be used as a cheese or chopping board. Its rectangular shape is ideal for serving a cheese platter, and the sturdy base also works as a chopping board. The raw wood has not been treated with any finishing/painting chemicals to ensure safety. Available in different sizes and shapes, this board is ideal for both residential/commercial use.

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