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4 Trending outdoor furniture pieces

You want to make the most of the space when you score a little piece of the outdoors with your home. With suitable outdoor furniture, it is possible to transform this area into a socialising spot or a tranquil lounge – depending on your use. Trending furniture for the garden, balcony, or terrace should be weather-friendly and resilient to moisture, hot sun and strong winds. Even with trendy furniture designs, comfort, climate, durability, budget, and aesthetics are crucial in choosing the right outdoor furniture. Let’s explore some trending materials and designs, their strengths and weaknesses — and what can work best for you:

Wood brings warmth and richness to furniture and blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings outdoors like our Klop bench. Teak, red cedar, Douglas Fir, Oak and eucalyptus are sturdy and resistant to warping, thus making them suitable for the outdoors. But remember that in high-humidity conditions, wood can be susceptible to mildew and termites. However, proper treatment can minimise this risk. A multi-purpose wood and metal bench is a good pick as it has different finishes, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor purposes.

Weather-friendly wrought iron or metal can add a whole new depth to the space and ornate the outdoors while being classy. The Nofoa Sofa is a luxury outdoor furniture piece. Sometimes, such pieces can cost a tad more than regular cast iron, but it offers more style and durability. Ensure that you keep the surfaces clean and free from dust and debris. Pick energising colours to enliven the ambience with furniture pieces with a padded seat to ensure comfort.

Rattan and wicker are always trending. Treated rattan is especially portable, durable and aesthetically pleasing too! Moreover, this versatile material is low-maintenance and can absorb different dyes and stains. A popular variant of rattan is its synthetic counterpart, polyethene rattan, which is more resistant to water and UV rays. However, at Alankaram, we rely more on natural rattan resources for making exclusive pieces to convert your outdoor space into the ultimate lounge.

While the above are popular materials for outdoor furniture, one can consider pieces made of stone too. In particular, centre tables like our Tiz Table with marble or stone tops and metal bases are functional, resilient to most weather conditions, and easy to maintain. Instead, opt for a convenient rectangular metal base to complete the outdoor lounging experience!

Pick trending furniture designs for outdoor spaces as per your comfort, budget and seating requirements.

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