Multifunctional Furniture Ideas for Compact Spaces

The world’s human population is booming at an exponential rate, which can be witnessed easily in the planet’s biggest cities. Such cities are accommodating more people every day than they have the space for. It has resulted in compact spaces for the inhabitants of urban areas. Moreover, urban folk find it problematic to accommodate their furniture in apartments and houses with less room. This is where Multifunctional Furniture comes to save the day!

What is Multifunctional Furniture?

Multifunctional Furniture is any piece of furniture that caters to more than one function. Typically, a furniture piece is only expected to serve one purpose. But, the modern furniture designers have designed Multi-purpose furniture that is equipped with catering to requirements expected from two to three different pieces of furniture. With Multifunctional furniture, home decor designs have become more utilitarian than ever.

Benefits of Multifunctional Furniture

It is the perfect remedy for tighter planning and compact spaces. Multifunctional furniture can save on a lot of room usually taken by assorted pieces, and opens up the space for movement. It also helps cut on clutter which makes a cosy room look tidy and spacious. Additionally, this makes the whole space inviting. For compact homes, multifunctional furniture is economical and space-saving.

Ideas for Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose or Multi-functional Furniture has innumerable variants. The most common example in modern furniture design is the Sofa cum bed, which is a sofa that can transform into a bed. Similarly, in some cases, stackable beds can also become an efficient choice as they serve the purpose of a double bed, two different beds, a day bed and even a corner sofa. A bookshelf can have a pop-out table that can serve as a workstation. Similarly, a side table design can be customised in parts to become a dining table. The whole concept of multifunctional furniture is taken to the next level by ideas like storage cabinets or shelves under each step of the staircase, a dining table under a bed, a bunk bed with storage and workstation etc.

Multifunctional Furniture from Alankaram

Working from home has become the new normal, that makes people stay inside their homes for longer periods. This creates the demand for multi-functional furniture that can cater to the duality of home and office furniture. Thus, the furniture stores offer a number of options in the form of multi-functional furniture.

For example, Alankaram’s upholstered bed trunk ‘Putu’, is classic in its design and uses printed fabric to double up as a storage unit. The product also acts as a bench that could be used at the foot of the bed. The ‘work from home’ culture requires ergonomic home office furniture to sit for long working hours. For that, Alankaram has designed the ‘Lovit’ study table, which is also multifunctional as it contains two seamless drawers fitted with soft close channels. This table can also serve as a dining table because of its seamless aesthetics.

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