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“Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed.”

- Natalie Morales


'Be artistic' with Alankaram

When we started ALANKARAM way back in 2015, little did we know that our small start-up would turn into one of the leading furniture design studios of the country in such a short time. Our journey started with a small workshop of 7500 square feet area and 30 untrained carpenters. Anupriya, a practising Urban designer at that time and Dhwanit did not have any prior experience or specialised training in furniture. The road was full of obstacles and challenges, but it has been a learning experience and all the milestones achieved by our entire team is something which is only possible because of our unwavering attention towards quality, customer experience and our design philosophy.

We now have one of the largest wooden furniture collections in India with 600+ unique designs and 2800+ SKU’s. We have shifted to our new factory which has about 2,00,000+ sq feet of planned workspace and is well equipped with the latest wood working machines thereby making it one of the largest solid wood furniture manufacturing setups in India. We aspire to be one of the best and internationally recognized furniture design studios in the coming decade.

Our Values

Our values weave a common thread that ties us together in shared philosophy and intent.

At our core, ALANKARAM team is


Focus on the outcomes rather than the activities


We challenge each other to think creatively and out of the box to reach the solutions


Both of each other and the clients


Timelines, customizations, or materials. We believe in keeping our customers informed well in advance and stick to what we commit


We do not wait to be asked, we believe in thinking ahead and go the extra mile when required

The Work

Wooden furniture is often associated with rustic, traditional furniture. However, Alankaram stands out with its contemporary, minimalistic designs and elegant usage of joineries. Alankaram makes furniture in Indian (e.g. Teak wood) as well as imported wood (e.g. White oak).

With the use of treated and seasoned wood, the furniture offers longer life. Wood joinery is used not only for strength but also adds to aesthetics of the furniture. The range of furniture manufactured by Alankaram are designer, custom-made, stand-alone and built-in solid wood and metal furniture for home, offices, restaurant and hospitality industry for both indoor and outdoor use.

We specialise in handmade solid wood furniture items with a touch of ‘Indian-ness’ to our collection. Our designs are inspired by our culture yet are modern and contemporary. We specialise in use of different woods and different colours in a single piece of furniture.
The range of furniture includes residential and commercial, indoor and outdoor, wooden and metal, standalone and fixed, ready to order and bespoke, and as tiny as a tea coaster to as large as a 24 seater dining table!


Why Alankaram?

Aesthetics & Ergonomics

Alankaram is headed by an architect with masters from a prestigious institute, with a goal of blending design with functionality. This reflects in the aesthetics and ergonomics of our furniture.

Unique Designs

Alankaranm owns 600+ designs and 300+ SKUs based on those designs. Besides that, we have one of India's largest collections of wooden furniture, with an 800-page product catalogue.

Trusted By Top Architects

Many architects and interior designers have chosen Alankaram for furniture requirements for their projects as well as personal use at home or office.

Made in India by an SME

By ordering furniture from us you are supporting an Indian small size enterprise. It is a boost for initiatives like ‘Make in India’ & ‘Vocal for Local’.

Manufacturing Infrastructure

We are one of the largest solid wood furniture units in India having 2,00,000 sq. ft of workspace, 10+ state-of-the-art CNC machines & 200+ skilled designers and artisans.

Quality Raw Material

We employ the Indian CP teak wood in our products which is one of the most premium woods available in India. Additionally, we use the best adhesion and joinery aids.

Fastest Growing Manufacturer

In less than 7 years, we have developed India’s largest portfolio of wooden furniture with 3000+ SKUs and 160,000 social media followers.

Positive Feedbacks

We have garnered positive feedback from our customers. This can be verified from the Testimonials on our website and several social media handles.

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